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Minimize all levels of your company’s risk by investing in risk mitigation and strengthening your security strategy

Are your security solutions outdated and non-compliant? Do you understand your company’s risk tolerance beyond regulations? Considering the modern-day security challenges, companies need a partner that understands levels of enterprise risk exposure and overcomes threats before they happen. We can no longer approach risk and security solutions with regulatory compliance alone in mind. Jason Roberts is ready to help you define and develop a business-focused Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework and program.

Jason Roberts’ industry expertise and advanced security solutions can help you move quickly to solve your complex challenges and redefine strategy at an enterprise level. Our risk and security practice area provides our customers with several risk and security services options: Gap Analysis and Enterprise Risk Assessments, IT Risk Assessments, Risk Mitigation, Assurance and Support, and regulatory compliance reviews.

Schedule a meeting now to protect your assets and discuss how we can help you with threat and vulnerability management, cyber maturity, cloud security, digital identity, along with governance risk and compliance.

Technical Capabilities: Cybersecurity, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), SAP Global Trade, SAP Risk Management, SAP Process Control, SAP Audit Management, and SAP Business Integrity Screening


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