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Jason Roberts' Organizational Change Management Services encourages early executive alignment on corporate objectives, analysis of the organizations ability to change, and establishment of a roadmap / framework to continually manage the change process. We provide the people, tools and methods to facilitate organizational alignment, foster teambuilding and communication. Our experience has shown that the most successful business system initiatives are dependent on OCM to address the human factors of project implementations. Jason Roberts understands this critical area of business process change and has incorporated it within its Global Sustainable Deployment Framework (GSDF).

Change Management Services

  • Analysis - We analyze processes and role changes thereby creating a solid foundation for effective communication and organizational readiness.
  • Planning - Develop and deploy an effective communication strategy throughout the user community.
  • Align - Identify and align key stakeholders with vested interest who support and drive the initiative.
  • Integrate - Our process integrates change management, training and testing activities which reduce overall cost and mitigate deployment risk.
  • Enable - We enable the customer to establish an effective power user network to drive business benefit.
  • Measure - We enable key stakeholders to measure change, impact, and effectiveness on the business.

Jason Roberts strongly believes that training and knowledge transfer are essential components of any successful business initiative. Our Training Services approach fosters user empowerment, greater solution ownership and ultimately process efficiency. The process commences with the project kick-off, continues through the Go-Live and Hypercare milestone and becomes an opportunity for continuous improvement.

Training Services

  • Design - We design the curriculum that best fits your business requirements. This process identifies knowledge gaps, defines curriculum paths, and establishes the best direction for preparing your user community.
  • Development - Based on the design process, training materials are developed to meet the needs of the user community. Instructor led materials, e-learning, employee performance support, simulations, coaching, or any combination that best fits the unique requirements will be provided.
  • Delivery - The delivery process involves knowledge transfer through a sustainable "train the trainer" approach. The user community is enabled and empowered by processes that drive ownership and maintain viable materials.
  • Optimization - A process with supporting infrastructure captures user feedback to help define ongoing enhancements to training materials, maintaining "living" documents to realize business benefits.

Jason Roberts' Organizational Change Management and Training solutions transform the user community's understanding of roles, business workflow, and performance expectations. Our proven approach integrates training, testing and change management services thereby increasing productivity, mitigating risk, and reducing cost. These Enablement Services ensure that our customers sustain their environment and realize measurable business benefits.


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